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Coaxial cable 50 Ohm PLENUM RG58/U

Non-armoured, Plenum, 200ºC, Fire Retardant FT6.
C50R58P, 13.10.2017/AP rev.0
Type Approval: 





Store at: -40 to +70 °C
Install at -10 to +50 °C, Bend minimum 15 times O.D.
Operate at -40 to +200°C, Bend minimum 10 times O.D.
Max recommended pulling tension 40 lbs



Conductor : stranded barecopper AWG20 19×32
Dielectric : foam FEP 0.102″
Screen 1 : tinned copper braid coverage 95%
Outer jacket :  Ivory FEP 0.158″ nom.
Marking : APS Finland – ww/yy – RG58 PLENUM – 50 OHM – 200ºC FT6 – lot + ft

Note :  the Jacket is sequentially footmarked.


Environmental properties and Fire Performances

Flame retardant : NFPA 262 PLENUM, FT6


Electrical characteristics 

Impedance : 52 Ω nominal
Capacitance : 25 pF/ft nominal (@ 1KHz)
Velocity ratio : 82%
DC resistance @ 20ºC : 8.8 Ω/1m nominal


  MHz 110 50 100 400700 900 1000 



Ordering and delivery information

TypeP/NO.D [in / mm]Weight [lbs/m / kg/m]Packaging (standard)
RG58/U PLENUMC50R58P0.158 / 4.00.17 / 7.721000ft or 305m (+/-5%)



Other standards of reference




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